Table 1. GWAS meta-analysis assessing the impact of MAPT haplotypes on glycemic traits in European individuals
Fasting glucose (mmol/liter)46,1860.0040.0050.42Dupuis et al., 2010
Fasting insulin (pmol/liter)46,186−0.0010.0050.79Dupuis et al., 2010
2-h glucose (after OGTT) adjusted for BMI (mmol/liter)15,2340.0960.0245.9E-05Saxena et al., 2010
30-min insulin secretion (after OGTT, ln) adjusted for BMI (pmol/liter)5,318−0.0630.0300.035Prokopenko et al., 2014

Data were downloaded from Specific regression coefficients (beta) and standard error (SE) represent changes in the variable per copy of the rs1052553 A major allele (H1 haplotype, frequency = 0.79). Trait values for fasting insulin and insulin secretion 30 min after an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) were naturally log transformed (ln). Results are adjusted for age, sex, study-specific covariates, and body mass index (BMI) where indicated. N, sample size.