Table 3. Treatment for EBV-associated malignancies
EBV-specific T cell activatorT cell sourceDiseaseCR, PR, remission, or disease freeReferences
LCLTransplant donor derivedPost-HSCT PTLD11/13Rooney et al., 1995, 1998; Heslop et al., 1996, 2010
10/14Doubrovina et al., 2012
1/1Lucas et al., 1998
3/4Comoli et al., 2007
AllogeneicPost-HSCT PTLD4/5Doubrovina et al., 2012
Post-HSCT viremia or EBV-LPD9/10Naik et al., 2016
Post-SOT PTLD15/31Haque et al., 2007
AutologousPost-SOT PTLD1/1Khanna et al., 1999
Viral Ags from EBV, CMV, and ADVTransplant donor derivedPost-HSCT PTLD2/2Naik et al., 2016
AllogeneicPost-HSCT viremia or EBV-LPD1/2Naik et al., 2016
APCs transduced with ADV vector encoding LMP1 and/or LMP2Autologous or third partyActive EBV+ lymphoma; EBV+ lymphoma (in remission)13/21; 27/29Bollard et al., 2014

Abbreviations used: ADV, adenovirus; CR, complete response; LPD, lymphoproliferative disease; PR, partial response.