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Video 3
Directional DC migration toward BALT and active DC dendrite movement during T cell priming 24 h after i.t. transfer of Ag-DCs. 24 h after i.t. transfer of SIINFEKL-loaded EGFP+ DCs (green) into CCR7 / recipients, Ag-DCs were observed to enter BALT by directional interstitial migration (left panel, top left corner). In contrast, during antigen presentation to TAMRA+ OT-I T cells (red) within BALT, Ag-DCs remained largely stationary (left panel, right half; and right panel). SHG signal (blue). (left) Maximum intensity projection of a 282 × 282 × 60 µm three-dimensional imaging volume (eight Z-slices) with a 300× time lapse. (right) Detail with twofold magnification.