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Video 2
DC probing and T cell–DC interaction dynamics within MVA-induced BALT 24 h after i.t. transfer of Ag-DCs in the presence of unlabeled competitor OT-I cells. The experimental setup was as described for Video 1, but using an excitation wavelength of 865 nm. This allows the imaging of SHG signals (blue) as well as providing much better visualization of fine dendrite processes of EGFP+ Ag-DCs (green) intensively probing their environment (left). In addition to TAMRA-labeled OT-I T cells (red), mice received an equal number of unlabeled OT-I T cells. This approach largely facilitates the long-term tracking of individual TAMRA-labeled cells (right). Maximum intensity projection of a 200 × 200 × 36 µm three-dimensional imaging volume (four Z-slices) with a 300× time lapse.