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Video 2
Real-time imaging of antigen capture by cognate B cells from FDCs (example 1, 35 min; example 2, 55 min). Two time-lapse image sequences of 20-┬Ám z projection from inguinal LN explants showing acquisition of HEL-PE (red) by CFSE-labeled MD4 B cells (green; circled in the first few frames) from FDC processes. In both examples, MD4 B cells capture large aggregates of HEL-PE (arrowhead). The antigen capture observed in example 1 is depicted in Fig. 2 C. Some noncognate CFP-tg B cells are observed in cyan with weak fluorescence in the green channel. Elapsed time is shown as hours:minutes:seconds. Data are from two different inguinal LNs representative of three experiments.