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Figure S1. Sensitization of human Mϕ with 1 nM LXA4 1 h before infection with H37Ra (MOI 10:1) to decreasing concentrations of PGE2.N is the number of independent experiments. Ordinate, percentage of inhibition of the release of the cationic dye DoO6(3) from the mitochondria, a correlate of necrosis; abscissa, concentration of PGE2 causing protection. The dose–response curves of LXA4-pretreated (LXA4) and untreated (no LXA4) Mϕ show that pretreatment with 1 nM LXA4 makes the Mϕ sensitive to significantly lower concentrations of PGE2 (*, P < 0.01; n = 3). The error bars represent SE.