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Figure S1.The P1 artificial chromosome (PAC) used to generate transgenic mice contained the Foxn1 gene (clone RPCI21-436p24; Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY). The codon-improved Cre coding plasmid (pBlue.iCre) and the plasmid pIntron-pA-frtNotAmpfrt were used and targeted into exon 2 of the Foxn1 locus. Modifications of PAC were performed as previously reported (Lee, E.C., D. Yu, J. Martinez de Velasco, L. Tessarollo, D.A. Swing, D.L. Court, N. A. Jenkins, and N.G. Copeland. Genomics. 73:56–65). A 70-kb pulse-field electrophoresis-purified fragment of modified Foxn1 PAC was injected into pronuclei of fertilized B6D2F1 oocytes.