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Figure S3. Histopathological changes in CHS skin lesions induced by a repeated exposure to FITC. The abdominal skin of WT C57BL/10 mice was treated four times (days 0, 1, 14, and 15) with vehicle (Ac/DBP 1:1; A) or FITC (B), and mice were challenged on day 20 with FITC on both ears as described in Fig. 1 E. Ears were analyzed 24 h after challenge. A very weak infiltrate of the ear skin of the vehicle-treated WT control mice by mononuclear cells and some mast cells is observed (A, arrow). In contrast, a marked infiltration of predominantly mononuclear cells and some mast cells (B, arrows) was observed in the edematously broadened ear skin of mice repeatedly treated with FITC. Hematoxylin and eosin staining is shown. Bars, 50 µm.