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Figure S1. CD25+CD4+ T cells in F759 and N7Txed F759. (A) Percentages and (B) actual numbers of CD25+CD4+ T cells in sLNs were analyzed. Average percentages and numbers of CD25+GITR+CD4+ T cells in whole CD4+ T cells of 2-wk-old wild type (white) and F759 (black) were shown with error bars indicating 1 SD. (C) Foxp3 expression in CD25+CD4+ and CD25-CD4+ T cells. The T cells were sorted from lymph nodes of F759, N7Txed F759, and wild-type controls. Real-time PCR was performed for foxp3 mRNA expression. The mRNA level of foxp3 relative to β-actin is shown. The average of CD25-CD4+ T cells (white) and CD25+CD4+ T cells (black) are shown with error bars indicating 1 SD. Data are representative for three independent experiments. (D) In vitro suppression assay for CD25+CD4+ T cells. CD25+CD4+ T cells sorted from F759, N7Txed F759, and wild-type controls were cultured with wild-type CD25-CD4+ T cells in the presence of anti-CD3 plus anti-CD28 mAb as described previously. Then, proliferation of CD25-CD4+ T cells was measured by tetra-color-one assay. The relative absorption (OD.450 nm) is shown. (E) The arthritis of F759 is similarly enhanced by N3Tx and N7Tx. Clinical score and incidence of arthritis in N3Txed F759 (closed circles, n = 10), N7Txed F759 (open circles, n = 10), sham N7Txed F759 (open triangles, n = 10), and F759 (closed triangles, n = 10) mice. (top) Data are the mean ± SEM of the arthritis scores. (bottom) Incidence of arthritis with a score >2.0.